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Origin One 3D Printer – Transforming Possibilities in 3D Printing

Introducing the groundbreaking Origin One 3D printer, which effectively redefines the boundaries of 3D printing technology. Leveraging its innovative P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization technology, this printer guarantees unmatched accuracy, consistency, and meticulous detail in every print. Moreover, its advanced capabilities seamlessly facilitate the flexible production of high-performance end-use parts across a diverse spectrum of materials. In light of these remarkable advancements, get ready to enthusiastically embrace a new era of 3D printing where your most visionary ideas are no longer confined to imagination.

Unlocking Collaboration’s Tremendous Potential

Stratasys thrives on the collaborative power that drives transformative change across industries. Moreover, we’re immensely proud to partner with leading chemical enterprises to boldly pioneer groundbreaking photopolymers across an array of diverse categories. As a united front, we are collectively propelling the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of 3D printing. Consequently, we are not just introducing innovation; we are ushering in a thrilling era of boundless possibilities for various end-use applications.

Access to a Wide Array of Diverse Industrial-Grade Materials

Through the Origin One platform, you’re granted seamless access to an intricately formulated selection of single-component, industrial-grade materials. The stringent validation process ensures these materials are impeccably suited for Origin One, assuring optimal performance and unwavering reliability. This selection caters to an array of requirements—whether you demand materials that endure high temperatures, exhibit exceptional toughness, offer unparalleled versatility, or provide supple elastomers, our comprehensive range comprehensively addresses your needs.

Transforming End-Use Scenarios Across the Board

The swift-printing materials effortlessly shine across a broad spectrum of end-use scenarios. Whether you’re dealing with applications demanding refined surfaces and intricate detailing or those that necessitate the utmost precision, the materials available for the Origin One reliably rise to the challenge. Beyond this, our precision-engineered elastomers offer not just exceptional tear resistance, but also optimal rebound performance, guaranteeing unwavering quality.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Solutions With Unrivaled Precision

Within the realm of healthcare, the trinity of aesthetics, durability, and biocompatibility reigns supreme. Therefore, our materials come endowed with essential medical certifications, rendering them the perfect choice for medical devices and applications where safety and performance are absolutely non-negotiable.

Mold Innovation at Your Fingertips for Impeccable Outcomes

The Origin One significantly transforms the mold landscape, offering low-pressure molds that facilitate on-site, on-demand high-quality production. This game-changing advancement promises heightened convenience and unrivaled efficiency, ultimately reshaping manufacturing processes with consistent, exceptional results through the deployment of precision molds.

Introducing the Enhanced 3D Printing Experience of Glenmar Shop

Complementing our cutting-edge technology, we’re thrilled to introduce Glenmar Shop—a dedicated hub that further enriches your 3D printing journey. Immerse yourself in a curated selection of materials, accessories, and resources, all meticulously tailored to the needs of 3D printing enthusiasts. Whether you seek specialized materials to optimize your projects or accessories to elevate your printing prowess, Glenmar Shop emerges as your comprehensive, all-in-one destination for all things 3D printing.

Experience the Vast Frontiers of 3D Printing’s Future

With the Origin One 3D printer and the collaborative might of Stratasys, the potential is truly infinite. Therefore, without hesitation, step resolutely into the future of 3D printing—an exciting realm brimming with creativity, precision, and relentless innovation. Your ideas, no matter how audacious, will find their tangible manifestation with the Origin One at your side.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS printed plastics can be manufactured with a range of mechanical properties. They are strong, durable and have high heat and chemical resistance.


Large Format Printing

Able to print products up to one meter in length, large format printing offers the biggest industrial bed size for 3D printed plastics. Great for tooling, molds and direct investment casting.


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM produces inexpensive and durable 3D printed plastic parts with very high accuracy in a wide range of materials. It is well-suited for medium and large parts, less effective for fine details.

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